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Partners In Protecting Everyone

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P.I.P.E (Partners In Protecting Everyone)

Partners In Protecting Everyone (P.I.P.E.) is a cooperative effort between Tennessee 811 and sponsoring gas pipeline and distribution utilitites in Tennessee. This program provides pipeline safety awareness information to emergency responders, public officials, and excavators in compliance with the Department of Pipeline Safety's regulation, known as RP1162. The purpose of the RP1162 program is to enhance the public awareness and education programs pertaining to gas distribution and pipeline safety.

First Responders training sessions are coordinated at a county level in cooperation with local emergency personnel and P.I.P.E. This training provides valuable information on how to respond to a gas or pipeline emergency that may occur in your area and how to protect both your employees and the general public. First Responders receive materials with information for training purposes as well as a list of gas distribution and pipeline facilities they may have come in contact with.

Public officials, especially those involved in land use decisions, receive information designed to bring attention to the presence of pipelines in their community. An emphasis is placed on awareness, land use planning, and damage prevention.

Call before you dig and safe excavation practices are presented for both the excavator as well as others in attendance at the P.I.P.E. meetings. Materials specifically designed with a focus on gas distribution and pipeline safety are also distributed.


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